Commercial Casualty Audit Expertise at a Higher Level

Premium Audit Training  

Do you want to develop your staff into premium audit professionals but lack the time or resources to do so?  If so, PAC is your solution. 

PAC offers premium audit training that is unrivaled within the business.  Depending upon your individual needs, PAC can teach your staff everything from the technical side of the profession to the intangible skills that most newcomers are forced to learn the hard way.

Any premium audit training must begin with the development of a solid technical foundation.  Our technical training consists of an in-depth review of workers' compensation and/or general liability rules, classification codes and state statutes.  Upon completion, your staff should either know the rules, or know how and where to look them up.

Once your staff understands the rules, the next step will provide them with a thorough understanding of the records that auditors must rely upon. PAC's document training will provide a thorough review of state and federal tax forms, general accounting records such as income statements, and specialized payroll records that auditors commonly rely upon.  PAC will teach not only what the documents are used for, but also where to pinpoint the information that matters the most.

A foundation of technical knowledge and an understanding of audit records will prepare your staff for field audit training.  PAC professionals can accompany your staff into the field to complete actual audit assignments.  Your staff will learn what it takes to meet with the policyholders face-to-face and succeed.  This includes everything from the flow of the audit appointment, to the soft skills that will help minimize any negative policyholder reactions.

PAC can customize a premium audit training program to meet your specific needs.

Insurance Carriers - Finding experienced audit staff is difficult, so train brand new reviewers and field auditors with PAC's assistance.
Agencies - Develop your staff's skills so that they are able to address any of your client's
auditing questions or concerns with confidence.

Audit Vendors - Let PAC help you develop reviewers and field auditors without sacrificing service to your existing customers.